Tungsten wedding bands gain popularity


A new trend in wedding bands is the tough but brilliant tungsten.

Women’s and Men’s tungsten wedding bands are four times harder than titanium, and as such, they resist scratches at an unbelievable level.

Their hardness set aside, tungsten wedding bands are available in an increasing amount of designs. Jewelers are wild about combining the metal to create alloys or embedding the metal with other materials making new and unique looks for the bride and groom.

Tungsten is hypoallergenic, and its density is similar to gold or platinum, so jewelers are easily replacing and combining it in their metal stock.

Is it good enough for royalty?

The affordability of tungsten will likely keep it off royal fingers, but its brilliance and strength may get it there one day. Tungsten is tough enough to be the term used for PM “Tungsten” Theresa May, but this does not have the same effect that it would if it was worn on Kate Middleton’s ring finger.

Is tungsten good enough for wedding bands?

If it’s not good enough for royalty, why would you put it on your finger? The fact that it does not cost as much as gold or platinum is an excellent reason, not to mention that it has brighter color. Tungsten should withstand the test of time without needed to be re-plated or remade after decades of wear. The metal is a great way to keep some of the cost down in your wedding and stay within budget.

Tungsten is high-fashion and full of style

Artists around the world are working with tungsten to create new designs, and it will likely be seen at jewelry shows and on royalty in no time. The artistic designs combined with the value and durability of the metal make it an excellent choice for wedding bands.


Wedding bands are one of the few items that remain following a wedding, and metal choice is as important as the design. While traditional gold options are popular, they often leave married couples with scratched, worn, thinning rings as time marches on. The sentiment of forever lessens if the ring cannot withstand the test of a few decades. Choosing tungsten wedding bands is a responsible decision because of the value and durability, but it is also an appropriate sentimental decision. It symbolizes the endless nature of marriage and is available in the designs you’d desire from any other metal.