Weddings of English Blue Bloods

The term “blue blood” adopted by the English, was originally taken from the Spanish “sangre azul” or blue blood, which was used to segregate those born to noble lineage. Organizing a wedding can be an undertaking as it is, but planning one for a royal, takes the event up to Super Bowl halftime show status. England seems to shut down whenever one of their uber eschelon take a hand in marriage, not to mention the endless media coverage, and streets crammed to capacity with onlookers.

English Nobility Nuptials

Let’s take a trip in the “way-back” machine to reminisce on those blessed “I do” moments where royal blood married their own kind, and the occasional commoner.

April 26 1923 – George VI (Duke of York) &  Elizabeth Bowes- Lyon.

November 20 1947 – Princess Elizabeth & Duke of Edinburgh aka Prince Philip.

May 6 1960 – Princess Margaret married commoner, photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. Jones died earlier this year.

November 14 1973 – Princess Anne & Captain Mark Philips, Philips was the 2nd commoner in 200 years to be wed to a royal.

July 29 1981 – Who over 40 cannot recall the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Her tragic death in 1997 is still felt today.

July 23 1986 – On this day Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson, former Jenny Craig spokesperson, became The Duke & Duchess of York.

June 16 1999 – Prince Edward & Sophie Rhys-Jones were married in St. Georges Chapel in Windsor.

April 9 2005 – Widowed Prince Charles wed Camilla Parker-Bowles.

April 29 2011 – Charles & Diana’s eldest son Prince William married Catherine (Kate) Middleton in a ceremony which would be reminiscent of his parents.

Who’s Hot and Not for the Alter…

Though quite a few kings of various monarchies tried to wed commoners, those royals not quite in accepted families (See Archduke Franz Ferdinand..not the band) and divorcees more often than not their attempts were thwarted by the royal powers that be, often leading to inner rebellions, scandalous affairs, and even war.

With more than a few generations of blue blood babies birthed after their parents wed, and those born recently, it will be interesting to see who and how the intended nuptials are formed. Prince Harry, Charles & Diana’s youngest son, is now rumored to have asked permission of the royal family to become engaged to current “Suits” actress, and once divorced Meghan Markle. Though English nobility tends to shun those previously divorced, the situation tends to be evaluated on a case by case basis, with those only granted the green light after much deliberation.

So it remains to be seen whether Prince Harry will get his wish, but rest assured all eyes of England, along with the rest of the world will be waiting. To let us know what you think contact/email us here.